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What is broadband?
Many people associate broadband with a particular speed of transmission or a certain set of services. However, since broadband technologies are always changing, the definition of broadband also continues to evolve. Broadband combines connection capacity (bandwidth) and speed. In India, speeds in excess of 2 Mbps are considered Broadband.
What are the main benefits of broadband?
Broadband speeds are significantly faster than previous technologies, making it faster and more convenient to access information or conduct online transactions using the Internet. The speed of broadband service has also enhanced existing services, such as online gaming, and enabled new applications, such as downloading music and videos. Broadband enhances existing Internet applications, while paving the way for new solutions, which were too expensive, inefficient or slow to consider in the past.
What types of technology are considered broadband technology?
Some of the most common types of broadband technology are:

Digital subscriber lines (DSL): The most common broadband platform in the world today is DSL. DSL uses different frequencies to split voice and data services using the same standard phone line.

Cable modems: Cable modems are also a popular broadband technology and have flourished in economies with developed cable TV networks. Cable networks are capable of carrying different “channels” along the same physical cable. Originally, these channels carried different television channels. Now, in addition to these television channels, one channel sends data to users from the Internet and another channel sends data from users back to the Internet.

Fibre optic cable: Unlike DSL and cable technologies, which are both based on copper wire, fibre optic cable uses lasers to transmit pulses of light down extremely fine strands of silicon. Because light uses higher frequencies, fibre optic cable can carry thousands of times more data than either electric signal or radio waves. Fibre optics can theoretically provide nearly unlimited bandwidth potential.

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) and Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi): WLANs are local area networks that use electromagnetic waves to transmit and receive data over short distances, instead of using wireline networks. Mobile devices access the network by connecting, via radio, to a wireline access point that passes traffic back and forth over the network. WLANs are an effective way to share wireless Internet access from a broadband connection within a distance of 100 metres.
Existing User
How do I address if there is a fault in my connection?
Wishnet’s business strategy is based on implementing the best core infrastructure with localized customer support for the quickest service response. In case of a fault, the customer has the option of approaching the Local Cable Operator for support. Wishnet Call Centre (1800 419 4244) is also available 24 x 7 to register faults and get the same addressed within stipulated regulatory timelines.
What is the billing and payment process?
Bill for the connection is generated along with renewal of a connection on prepaid mode. This bill is dispatched to the user electronically. Payment is generally collected by the Local Cable Operator and deposited with Wishnet. Customer also has the option of paying online through the Wishnet website. Payment receipt and acknowledgement is sent via SMS to registered mobile number.
Can I change my plan?
You may choose and change to the plan of your choice by calling the Call Centre (1800 419 4244) or intimating your Local Cable Operator at any time. However, the plan change will be effective from the date of next renewal. Such intimation is sent to the user via SMS to the registered mobile number.
Is there some basic diagnostics?
Before calling the call centre, you may carry out the following steps that will ease the rectification process and also reduce interaction time.
- Press “Windows” button + R – This will open the “Run” dialogue box
- Enter ping
- You may see the following response
a> Request Timed out
b> Destination Host Unreachable
c> Reply from Host
- In case of a and b, please contact Call Centre with the details
- For further problem solving the Call Centre team may request for remote access of your desktop or laptop using some commonly used tools. It is advisable to have a suitable tool loaded on your device.
What are the basic precautions required?
Internet is a global product and your device is susceptible to various kinds of attacks from other devices on this world wide network. A suitable antivirus software is a basic necessity. A virus infection can lead to various issues related to performance and security of your device.
The other very important precaution is secrecy of user id and password. This may be related to your device, the installed router or even the internet connection you are using. Any compromise in any of these can be cause for concern. A breach can be cause for concern with respect to legal, financial and other security related factors.
What is the contact number of the Appellate Authority?
If you are not satisfied with the complaint resolution, you can write to our Appellate Authority at Wishnet HO through or you can also call Wishnet Appellate Authority on 8069181818. This is applicable for all LSA.
New Connection
How can I order Wishnet connection?
Wishnet Broadband is available in select areas. To provide connectivity, a feasibility study has to be conducted. Please fill-up your details here and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact our helpline number 1800 419 4244.
Can I use Wishnet broadband service using Wi-Fi?
Wishnet Broadband service can be connected to a Wi-Fi Router to get the internet service over Wi-Fi. The router requires some basic configuration to connect to your device. It is important to choose the correct router for desired speed categories.
Does unlimited data mean unlimited?
Wishnet Unlimited Plans are truly unlimited. You can consume as much data as you want without the speed being choked at any time. The FUP (Fair usage policy) based plans have data consumption limits, after which the speeds are limited. While choosing an unlimited data plan, it is important to know the actual flavour and the consumption limits.
Why choose unlimited plans?
It is generally very difficult to estimate the real data usage. Data transfer often has overheads that may not always be predictable and can vary depending on change in usage behaviour. In today’s world, a fast and consistent internet connection is almost becoming a mandatory requirement. Unavailability or limited availability of connection is not acceptable. Also, it is important to know the cost of additional data if required to purchase.
What is speed and data?
Internet speed is the measure of how quickly information is transferred to your device. It is represented as Mbps (Mega bits per second). On the other hand, data usage is the measure of how much data you’re consuming. It is generally represented in the form of GB (Giga Byte).
It is important to know the difference between “b” and “B” in Internet parlance. The small b stands for bit, while the capital B represents Byte. One “Byte” equals 8 bits.
How to configure and use WishTalk?
WishTalk is a Data Phone that does not require any SIM card or Wired Phone connection. A broadband connectivity is good enough for voice calls. This facility will be available for all users across all platforms like Android, iOS and even using a landline phone.
Wishnet sends a User Name (that will be your softphone number) and a Password which needs to be configured in your handset.
How do I setup my Android device?
Please download "WishTalk" app from Google Play Store. After installing, please follow the steps as below:

- User Name (used as your softphone number) and Password has been sent though SMS. Please configure the same.
- In the app, go to Settings -> Basic Setting -> Advanced settings -> General Settings -> Availability and enable "Always running".
- Then, go to Settings -> Basic Setting -> Advanced settings -> General Settings -> Call quality and enable "High All".
Or, you can use any softphone app available in Google Play Store. For setup, use as the domain, and configure User Name and Password (sent through SMS). You can also contact us for further settings.
How do I setup my iOS device?
Please download "Bria Mobile" or any other softphone app from App Store.
For setup, use as the domain, and configure User Name and Password (sent through SMS). You can also contact us for further settings.
How do I setup my Fixed Line device?
Landline users are required to configure the app through the Customer Premise Equipment. Wishnet Call Centre will help you configure upon request. Use the User Name and Password (sent through SMS) for configuration.
How do I get the SMS for User Name and Password?
While you are adding softphone number in the Self Care Portal, you need to fill the particular mobile number (in which you want to receive the SMS) in the “Mobile Number of User” field. The SMS will be sent to that particular mobile number along with the credentials.
How do I get CLI (Caller Line Identification)?
While you are adding Softphone Number in the Self Care Portal, you need to fill the full name in the “Name of User” field. The name filled in that field will be displayed as CLI along with the number.